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Chroma Solar Array Simulator Complies with European Standard EN50530 for Dynamic MPPT Test of Photovoltaic Inverter

In April 1, 2010 the European region approved the latest test standard EN50530 "Overall efficiency of grid connected photovoltaic inverters" that sets up a standard procedure for efficiency measurement by verifying the static and dynamic MPPT performance and overall efficiency of photovoltaic inverters.

The EN50530 test standard takes the operation of grid connected photovoltaic power generation system under actual weather into consideration as the dynamic change of the irradiation intensity. Thus, when the solar array and inverter are used under real world weather condition the dynamic MPPT performance may affect the long term power generation investment benefits. The verification program addresses to dynamic MPPT performance test for grid connected photovoltaic inverters in EN50530 is explained below. 1. Test sequence for fluctuations between 100W/m2 and 500W/m2 irradiation intensities (as Figure B.1* shows), 2. Test sequence for fluctuations between 300W/m2 and 1000W/m2 irradiation intensities, 3. Test sequence for the start-up and shut-down test of grid connected inverters.

Chroma Solar Array Simulator

Chroma's newest Solar Array Simulator Model 62150H-1000S, not only complies with the I-V curve of mathematical model (PV generator model) defined in EN50530 but also equips with Dynamic MPPT Test function to meet the test regulation of EN50530. The user can utilize Dynamic MPPT Test in the graphical virtual soft panel as the figure shown below to select the built-in EN50530 test items for inverter testing. The software will calculate the Dynamic MPPT efficiency automatically for user analysis once the test is executed. In the mean time, the software will record the test data such as voltage, current, power, watt and MPPT performance along with the sampling interval (1 - 10,000s) and total time length to facilitate the analysis and validation of PV inverter.

*Source from EN 50530:2010 test regulation.

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