Chroma ATE Inc.

Chroma Demonstrates Total EV e-Drive System Solution

Chroma ATE., the leading manufacturer in the field of precision electronic measurement instruments, will participate 2012 EV TAIWAN, which will be held from April 12~15th. Chroma will demonstrate its strength in the electric vehicle industry by providing turn-key xEV test solution, advanced e-drive system as well as stylish new electric scooters, developed by its affiliated company, EVT Technology Co.

For EV test system, Choma has successfully developed a multifunctional automatic test system (ATS) for testing the electronic parts with wide range of rated power from hundreds to thousands of watts used for electric vehicle or hybrid electric vehicle. The test applications include EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment, charging station), on-board charger, DC-DC converter, motor driver (inverter) and other related power electronic devices. In addition, for the battery, the most important part of electric vehicle, Chroma ATS can integrate the DC power supply and electronic load for dynamic charge/discharge test, also simulate the actual battery usage of electric vehicle. The newest developed Regenerative Battery Module Charge and Discharge Test System will also be exhibited. The patented energy recycle technology can transfer the discharged energy back into the power grid and make the battery production green and efficient. A series of test devices are also developed by Chroma for lithium-ion battery cell/pack capacity test with wide current range, and DC resistance tests with high accuracy output and measurement specifications, which are mainly used for battery characteristic analysis, production tests, and quality tests etc.

As to the core technology of EV powertrain, EVT Technology of Chroma Group has devoted in developing the key electronic control components of xEV, including power electronics unit (inverter) and on-board chargers. The inverters with peak power ranging from 50kW to 180kW can be applied to the vehicles from sedan to mini bus; furthermore, customized options or specification such as liquid or air cooling system, induction motor (IM) or permanent magnet (PM) motor application, and option of enhanced protection features. In the meantime, there will be matched power electric motors to fulfill the automobile manufacturer’s requirements for overall optimization of total e-drive system. The on-board charger which is designed with J1772 standard to accommodate public EVSE can support up to 6.6kW power output that can shorten the charging time significantly. It is designed with the advanced feature of Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) that can convert the electric energy from power battery to home grid for household emergency use. Charger’s protection mechanism can also ensure the safety of battery and entire vehicle. Moreover, the modular design of the power controls allows better performance in cost structure and power density.

At 2012 EV TAIWAN, Chroma is located at Hall 1 - B1109a, Taipei Word Trade Center. Besides EV testing and e-drive system solutions, there also will be test ride of EVT light electric scooter, certified with Taiwan TES, to give you a joyful green experience of riding.