Chroma ATE Inc.

Trends look good to smart grid and Chroma is well-prepared for the market

To sustain the development of green energy industry, forming a small region of smart grid by combining solar energy and wind energy for power leveling in Electric Vehicle and storage battery as well as energy-saving LED lighting and power meter management is the future trend. With extensive experience in power test field, Chroma is able to provide a turnkey test solution to satisfy the test requirements of intelligent industry.

Chroma is capable of providing programmable AC Power Sources, DC Power Supplies, DC Electronic Loads, AC Electronic Loads and digital power meters that meet the Energy Star requirements. Chroma has developed the world’s first LED simulation load to verify the LED power and launched automatic test system that is suitable for R&D quality assurance and production line efficiency test with integrated functions. In addition, the solar panel simulator with voltage/current characteristics curve built-in is the best equipment for testing inverter Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) and sunshine weather simulation. For the Electric Vehicle test system Chroma offered, it can be applies to the devices of Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE), on-board charger, DC/DC converter and motor drive. As to dynamic battery and storage module, a Regenerative Battery Pack Test System that can recycle charge/discharge power is available for converting the discharged energy to a charging battery or feedback to power grid for reuse. Moreover, the test system for the characteristics of battery cell can provide for precision Lab test and production line customization when integrated with Test & Measurement instruments, automation equipment and Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

Besides optical and electrical measurement techniques, Chroma has stepped into thermoelectric field to offer high precision (<0.3℃) and high resolution (<0.01℃) temperature measurement solution which can be used broadly to test the objects like battery, power line and high voltage circuit.  It also supports voltage and current measurement functions with precise, reliable and multi-function data logger.  The high specification temperature controller can work with various platforms such as LED, solar, semiconductor components, laser and electronic paper for temperature control applied in R&D QA and equipment integration unit. 

In high resolution display test solution, the programmable video pattern generator of Chroma has various standard video analog/digital signal outputs for testing ultra high resolution displays. The Spectrocolorimeter using advanced digital signal processor and optical-electric conversion technology is an accurate and economic device designed specifically for Lab and production line that require spectral measurement. 

The Automatic Transform Test System produced by Chroma can be applied as a turnkey solution for testing passive components and electrical safety when integrated with Multi-channel Hipot Tester, which is the best choice for automatic production. For the quality of insulation and safety test, high level test equipment with up-to-date corona detection technology to detect the potential corona discharge of wound components and insulating materials can improve the reliability and quality of components.

Chroma has structured the test solutions required for entire green products that meet the test requirements to integrate into smart grid. The exhibition of these solutions will be presented in TAITRONIC 2012 during Oct. 9 – 12 at TWTC Nangang (Booth J-0318).