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EVT Technology successfully inspected lithium battery pack problems by driving simulation test

Chroma has leveraged its successful experience in power electronic testing to power battery testing by developing a regenerative battery pack test system (Model 17020) and providing it to EVT Technology for lithium battery pack test, which has effectively identified battery pack problems during simulation test.

EVT Technology is a professional electric scooter manufacturer that produces 2-wheel and 3-wheel electric scooters.  In addition to the TES (Taiwan Electric Scooter) certification, EVT has acquired type approvals for its e-scooters from the United States and the European Union for on-road permit.  EVT Technology used 17020 unique driving simulation function to test the battery pack. A set of standard benchmark data, including waveform power and waveform current generated by actual motor electric loading from battery pack during actual riding, was uploaded to 17020. Then 17020 used the benchmark data to test battery pack under on-road simulation to verify the power status and driving cycle of the battery pack. EVT successfully inspected the capacity shortage problem of battery pack via on-road riding simulation.

Model 17020 Regenerative Battery Pack Test System

The 17020 Regenerative Battery Pack Test System adopted by EVT

Testing Background

Unit Under Test Spec: Voltage: 54.5~40V/Capacity: 23AH

Test Content: Using the actual operating current applied during motor vehicle driving to discharge the battery pack via the speed endurance test specification in TES (Taiwan E-scooter Standard) and loop test method to ensure the battery pack capacity meets the expectation. 

Charge and Discharge profile

Life-cycle result generation: The life cycle test result generated through the 17020 scooter riding simulation function allows the testing operator to find the capacity that does not meet the specification in battery design.

Life-cycle result generation

The battery pack design problem can be fixed and improved through the above test.  Use the same devices to conduct the battery pack test of the same type but in different Ah after the improvement is done and then the result is as the figure shown below:  

Cycle-Life Test

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