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Chroma 8700 ATS Solution Not only an Automatic Test System, but also a tool to guard battery life and performance

Along with the continuous progress of battery technology, more and more possibilities are brought to the energy storage and electric vehicle industries, while these two fields also create a huge business opportunity for battery associate products. For battery manufacturers, in addition to developing batteries with improved specifications, a better solution for design validation and production tests is also required to assure product quality and performance. For battery users, the extension of battery lifespan is an important demand as it applies to the cost of battery replacement.

The table below lists the measured capacities of electric motorcycles battery packs that discharge from 4.15V to 3.0V, in which the impact of a battery cell’s DC resistance to the capacity can be easily determined. In practical use, the battery pack can no longer be used if one of the battery cells stops discharging due  to poor capacity even though the rest of the battery cells still have power.


The Chroma 8000 ATS is a universal automatic test system developed by Chroma that can apply to the testing of various power supplies. To accommodate the development of the green energy industry in recent years, specific automatic test systems have been developed for green energy testing , and the 8700 ATS is the testing solution developed for battery packs. With the 8700 ATS testing platform, a battery testing solution is provided with a DC Power Supply and a DC Electronic Load to accomplish the following functions:

Ÿ   DC Resistance Measurement

This is the basic action for confirming battery status. The DC resistance (Ohm) affects the battery cell’s capacity and the charge/discharge level of pressure difference.  DC Resistance generally tends to be the first hurdle for battery testing or maintenance.

Ÿ   Capacity Test

This test confirms the capacity of each battery cell. The difference in capacity of each battery cell in the same battery pack should not be very great as a large capacity gap may seriously affect the overall efficiency of battery pack.

Ÿ   Battery Cell Balance Test

This adjusts the specific voltage of the battery cells in the battery pack in order to balance the energy levels and overcome the capacity deterioration rate that may cause a mismatched effect within the battery cells. Regular implementation of balancing battery cells helps maximize the battery capacity and life.

In addition, this function can also be used to create unbalanced voltage conditions for various battery cells in order to perform voltage unbalance related tests (such as UL2271).


The above functions take both testing and maintenance aspects into account and are a fundamental and necessary measure for battery manufacturers and end users. The 8700 ATS implemented with a very compact footprint is an ideal entry level solution that is worth your evaluation.

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