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Chroma provides automated inspection systems for battery module production lines

In recent years, battery modules used in electric vehicles, motor vehicles, communication base stations, and power storage systems (stationary power systems) have predominately been lithium-ion type batteries, as the applications for these modules become more diversified and popular. Lithium-ion battery modules are typically assembled from dozens to thousands of battery cells through various configurations of serial and parallel connections to produce a wide range of power levels. Then by combining several battery modules a large scale lithium-ion battery pack can be produced. A battery management and thermal management system are integrated into the battery pack to maintain operation within specifications and to prevent failures.

To ensure product performance, functionality, and safety during battery module production processes, a highly accurate end of line inspection station is necessary. Currently, many vendors still perform manual end of the production line testing, which creates potential hazards, as battery packs often contain large current and high voltage. Other issues with manual testing may include; inconsistent actions, hand writing mistakes, long testing hours, and shipment traceability errors, to name a few. Generally speaking, manual testing of battery modules should not be allowed in a manufacturing process that includes quality control as it is essential to have an integrated and automated testing process and reporting system to maintain product quality and safety.

In order to increase testing coverage and the efficiency of the power storage battery industry, Chroma ATE has developed an automated inspection system that can be applied to the EOL (End Of Line) of battery packs production for testing the assembly defects, Battery Management System (BMS) communication, internal power switches, battery balancing circuits/consistency, and temperature distribution, etc. before battery packs are shipped out of the factory. The comprehensive PASS/FAIL tests can not only be used in production lines, but may also be used in a development phase nearing completion or used during battery pack acceptance inspection for EV or energy storage station. The automated tests can reduce manufacturing defects while ensuring personnel safety and increasing throughput. The application range of this system includes battery modules for electric vehicles, motor vehicles, and power storage systems.

Key features and specifications of the Battery Pack Auto Test System:

  • Specifically designed for battery production line, or battery development testing.
  • Increases QA efficiency by up to 80%
  • Inspection of BMS functions, connector withstand voltage, consistency, and performance of battery module.
  • Charge/discharge power range: 5kW ~ 350kW.
  • Charge/discharge voltage range: 0V~900V.
  • Charge/discharge current range: 0A~1000A.
  • Standard test items include insulation resistance, electricity, software/communication, and battery performance testing.
  • Able to create the fixture to connect the customized battery module with automated switch control and to integrate with Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

Battery Pack Auto Test System

The Battery Pack Auto Test System integrates several of Chroma’s instruments including an Electrical Safety Analyzer, LCR Meter, Digital Meter, and a Regenerative Battery Pack Test System. The control system is an easy to use open software platform that can support shop floor control as well as online connections with MES for data management, statistics, and analysis. This software also allows for complete customization of all the battery pack test items.

With 30 years of experience in test and measurement instrumentation, Chroma is able to provide wide variety of testing solutions for power and storage batteries. These include Regenerative Battery Pack Test Systems for battery cells, battery modules and battery packs, BMS test system, Battery Pack Auto Test System, battery simulators and super capacitors. These solutions are adopted worldwide by manufacturers and third party laboratories. For any questions regarding the Battery Pack Auto Test System for battery modules, please provide your contact information and we will reach out to you for further service.

Battery Pack Auto Test System
Battery Pack Auto Test System