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Chroma Launches Next Generation Regenerative Battery Testing Solutions

For all Lithium-ion battery cell charge and discharge strict testing needs

Lithium-ion battery (LiB) is a key component of electrical vehicles and needs to undergo a multitude of testing and verification to guard its reliability and safety. Chroma developed the next generation LiB cell charge/discharge testing systems and designed it with high current accuracy, multiple current ranges, fast current response, and highly efficient energy recovery capabilities. The testing software helps the user to program complex test procedures and execute LiB cycle life, road simulation, HPPC, DST, and DCIR tests, so presenting the best solution for a wide variety of electrical vehicle battery testing needs.

Combine high precision and energy regeneration for green manufacturing performance

Chroma 17011 6V/100A testing system offers a regenerative energy function to recover DC-DC power; as soon as the DC power overflows, the device converts back into the AC grid, making it a low heat, high efficiency testing system. Chroma 17011 models have multiple measurement ranges to improve testing accuracy, resulting in current accuracy reaching ±0.05% of Full Scale and voltage accuracy reaching ±0.02% Reading and +0.02% Full Scale. Moreover, each channel is independently controlled and has thermal management mechanisms to ensure measurement stability, the fast current response facilitates various driving simulations with a sampling speed of up to 10mS, while integration with an environmental chamber offers additional testing control. As to safety, Chroma 17011 is equipped with multi-level safety protection mechanisms and will automatically detect anomalies in advance, so preventing testing risks.

High current output for dynamic battery testing

To meet the testing needs of dynamic and high current batteries, the 17011 series output can be flexibly extended to 200A-1200A, without current output interruption. The Chroma 17011 1000A battery testing system is already put to use by large Chinese battery factories, its quality and performance have stood the test and have proven the Chroma 17011 to be the best solution for laboratory verification testing of batteries.

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Chroma 17011 regenerative battery charge/discharge testing system