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Integrated Hardware and Software: Chroma Offers Smart Factory Solutions

The Strength of Smart Software

Chroma ATE has over 30 years of experience with measurement and automated testing equipment and has assisted in integrating factories of various sizes with Chroma Sajet MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) as the core system of the automated factory. Successful cases span across different industries, including electronic assembling, optoelectronic semiconductors, new energy, precision hardware, medical care, and textile factories; many of which are world-class manufacturing plants. Sajet MES has passed many software certifications and validations. Our professional consultants enable Chroma to seize the market trends precisely. Moreover, the software is especially advantageous when integrated with other Chroma Group hardware products to offer a Turnkey solution.

Chroma Sajet MES connects automatically with EAP and provides an API interface for testing program integration to meet a variety of data communication and equipment integration, including SECS/MQ/RV/OPC and so on. By offering an integrated platform of hardware and software technologies, it realizes smartization of the Internet of Things. The newly released iEMS (Intelligent Equipment Management System) gives management and users real time control over all equipment. iEMS allows customers to more accurately control the overall efficiency of the equipment; through big data analysis it can give shutdown warnings, automatically notify on maintenance and calibration procedures, automatically upload repair and maintenance data to the cloud, et cetera. Moreover, iEMS can be easily configured with all kinds of equipment to strengthen business management, boost the production capacity, and create maximum value for the company.

The Power of Optical Hardware

Chroma just released the 7505-05 Multi-Functional Optical Measuring System, used for quality control of smartphone metal cases, batteries, cover glasses, and display devices. The apparatus combines both 2D and 3D high-speed real-time measurement functions and helps with real-time process managing by providing data collection, process control, and early detection of problems, so offering the customer a helping hand with measurement testing and improving efficiency and competitiveness.

In numerous high-tech industries, such as semiconductors, flat panel displays, fiber-optic communications, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), biomedicine, electronic packaging, and accuracy of the microstructure surface profile accuracy determines the product’s performance and function. During the manufacturing process the quality of its microstructure surface profile must be monitored. The Chroma 7503 series 3D Optical Profiler uses the technology of white light interference to test various surface measurement parameters, including sectional difference, angle, area, dimension, roughness, waviness, film thickness, and flatness and so meets the needs of industry and research.

Of course, we also offer customized smart factory Turnkey solutions to meet your specific needs and we trust that you will gain both a completely new experience as well as unexpected benefits. We hope to meet you at this year’s exhibition!  

Automation Taipei (August 21-24, 2019) 
TaiNEX Building 1, 1st floor: booth K1110