Chroma ATE Inc.

Chroma Micro LED Testing Solutions For Latest Display Technology

At Touch Taiwan 2019, Chroma will showcase its newest display and AOI testing solutions, used for Micro LED, Mini LED, 8K, and the latest display applications.

Micro/Mini LED AOI Systems

Micro LED is called the next generation overlord of the display technology and the manufacturing technology of the relatively matured Mini LED is seen as the outpost for the development of Micro LED. Chroma introduces Micro/Mini LED AOI test systems that measure Micro LED and Mini LED backlight modules on chromaticity, luminance, uniformity, dead pixels, etc. It provides real-time measurement data for the operator to analyze.

8K Video Signal Testing Solutions

In 2019, the image industry has officially entered the 8K era. Many TV manufacturers have launched 8K products, which need to be tested. Therefore, Chroma launched ultra HD resolution testing solutions for the panel and display device industries. Chroma’s 2918 FPD Tester and 2238 Video Pattern Generator feature modular designs and support video interfaces of various industries, respectively eDP 8.1G (HBR3) and HDMI 2.1, so providing customers with the most complete solutions for testing video signals.

TV Auto Testing Solutions

With the popularity of 4K TV and the use of 8K TV at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, competition in the television market is expected to gradually heat up. Moreover, because of rising wages and increasing labor shortage, replacing manual testing with automated testing has become an important issue for all sorts of manufacturers. To this end, Chroma offers TV Auto Testing Solutions for all TV input and output ports, providing screen, sound, and function tests and integrating white balance, Hi-pot, and power consumption tests. These automated and full functional test solutions will lead to an efficient and cost-effective TV production line.

Multi-Functional Optical Measuring Systems

Traditional measurement utilizes different tools and equipment to conduct random inspections manually. These methods are generally time-consuming and complicated for data collection and do not meet the requirements of automated high production capacities. Chroma now offers the innovative 7505-05 series Multi-Functional Optical Measuring Systems, designed for the automatic testing of optical image quality for smartphone metal cases, batteries, cover glasses, displays, etc. The device combines both 2D and 3D high-speed measurements for real-time process control as to raise performance and lower production costs.

System Integration Solutions

Riding the wave of automated testing and Industry 4.0, Chroma’s complete system integration solutions can combine automated production line with human-computer collaboration according to your individual needs. Automatic test procedures upload & download and test data collection combined with AI data analysis and process control allow early detection of potential problems while improving process efficiency and competitiveness.

At the 2019 display industries exhibition Touch Taiwan (Aug. 28-30, 2019), Chroma will be at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1, 1F (booth: J802) to showcase the latest in flat displays and AOI testing solutions. We hope to meet you at the exhibition!