Chroma ATE Inc.


ATS for EV/PHEV Maintenance Application

Public EVSE

The demand for EVSE is steadily growing as EV/PHEV’s gain popularity. Unlike the conventional gas station, which mainly consists of mechanical parts, the EV/PHEV charging station has Implemented sophisticated electronics for metering, controlling, and measuring the amount of energy required and transferred to the vehicle.

In order to keep the charging station in optimum operating condition and maintain its accuracy, frequent service and calibration is required. Chroma ATE has the capability to provide a customized mobile service system, which is specifically designed to perform diagnosis, measurement and meter calibration for these charging stations.

Auto Service

With the powertrain system switching from internal combustion engine (ICE) mechanical design to fully electric powertrain design, ICE oriented auto mechanics must quickly familiarize themselves with the electrified system.

In order to provide optimum vehicle operating condition, maintain serviceability and minimize the chance of a mechanics exposure to electric shock hazards, the Chroma 8000 provides unique, dynamic diagnostic capabilities. These include: vehicle battery unit testing, voltage/current parameter measurement reading, CAN bus interface, diagnostic reporting, etc. The test system provides diagnostic data through the internet directly to the vehicle manufacturer for data analysis.