Chroma ATE Inc.

Kunshan Lab of CSA Group Collaborates with Chroma to Perform Battery Standard Testing Service

Following the recent growth of new energy vehicles and energy storage devices, more and...

Solving the Increasing High Power Test Requirement

As the need for higher power test equipment increases in the lab, "just make it work&rd...

Aerospace Testing International Features Chroma's Adaptable Power Tester

An efficient power compliance testing regime requires versatile equipment to accurately...

Chroma ATE Inc. Cooperated with SOIC to Develop World's First Charging Interface Simulator ATS in Compliance with CHAdeMO Standards

On October 6, 2016, officers from the Department of Industrial Technology (DoIT) and th...

Chroma 8700 ATS Solution Enables Battery Pack Maintenance and Diagnosis in One Click

A battery pack is formed of battery cells whose charge / discharge efficiency directly ...

Chroma Provides Energy Storage Battery Test Solutions for Power Grid Frequency Regulation System

The proportion of solar and wind power generation is increasing. However, the power gen...

Restoring of distorted main waveform by Chroma AC Source

Restoring of distorted main waveform by Chroma AC Source Due to the rapid growth of IT...

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